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Over the past few decades, people have become almost engulfed by their responsibilities and their work hours. From fetching the kids from school to submitting that important report on time, many things run through the modern mind each second of the day. When you add in random events that increase the stress factor, such as family problems or job security threats, it is even more likely that your brain will forget simple things.

When daily stress catches up to you, it is easy to forget routine things, such as leaving your key in your car. Lockouts have increased substantially, cause most often by a lapse in concentration. With older model cars, when you had to physically lock the doors to secure the car, lockouts were not as common. But today, with the technology some cars have to automatically lock themselves after a few minutes of idling, lockouts happen often and leave absent minded drivers struggling for entry.

As unlikely as this may seem or as silly as it may sound, accidentally locking keys in the car happens to most drivers at least once in their lifetime. Having someone to help during lockouts can sometimes be the difference between getting home, getting to work on time, or being stuck somewhere far away locked out of the car, or even worse, with a broken window as a result of trying to retrieve the key. This can be avoided by acquiring the services of S.R. Towing Unlimited.

S.R. Towing Unlimited provides tow truck services, roadside assistance, and expert professional assistance in cases of lockouts throughout the Houston TX, area. The next time you’re locked out of your car, contact S.R. Towing Unlimited!